now what

After all we might think everything becomes a new immediately we get to celebrate our birthdays…well personally I do. But does it really? I feel like I get back to my shitty life the moment that hour hand clicks 0000hrs

I’m still figuring it out…Or I’m probably overthinking


Beneath the smile find the scars, the tears and the darkness. Smiling and looking okay does not necessarily mean that someone is okay. I mean how will you tell I’m okay if you really didn’t dig deep, deep through to the bottom of it all. I find it necessary to remind the crowds to show some love it’s free it costs nothing to be kind to a fellow human.

Everyone out there calling you an open book evading the thought that even if there’s an open book on the counter, no one would really know it’s content unless they took their time to actually peruse through the pages.

Sometimes it really sucks hearing you apparent said stories from someone else…like you keep having the thoughts,” Is that what they all have in their heads right now?“, “ Is there anyone of them who could just take the initiative to ask me for the actual story?” . There and then one starts having the feeling of the need to explain to everyone whenever a chance comes up. And when nobody actually seems to be listening to you, depression steps in. Have you asked yourself what is going through the head of the girl/boy you are talking about with you associates? Anyway that’s a story for another day.

Just sit and show some love.